The association 824000 gives hapiness for everyone

The Association 82 4000 started from a simple observation. It isn't possible for all of us to access to mountain activities. Hugues Chardonnet, full of energy and positive thinking decided to do something about it.
Millet avec l'Association 82 4000

When I was a kid, I discovered high mountains thanks to friends who took me along. I always had this impossible dream that one day I could become a guide. This dream came true and the kid became a guide. Thanks to you my friends. I’m well aware that this dream is a present from life that I have to share now. My social situation never made it hard to get the right gear and I believe in hope for all of us.

Once, I was talking with my friend Raphael, about how unfair things were when it came to mountain holydays. He is just like me, passionate about mountains and he can afford a guide to travel in high mountains. We both discovered that our “leisure” oriented society actually created a line. Poor people can’t cross this line and that’s a shame.

We want to highlight this injustice that could open up so many opportunities for our society as well as for the concerned persons, if fixed.” 



"That’s how 82 4000 was born, in 2012. Starting with our mountain dream, with this dream that helps us to bloom, we’re building a project designed to share the discovery of high mountain with the underprivileged of our society."
Hugues Chardonnet, Mountain guide, doctor and deacon, doesn't think we just need to give the strict minimal to the poors. For him, going to the mountain, it's just a matter of tools.

"We are not directly in touch with those underprivileged people and that’s why we’re creating the link with underprivileged associations. Natural supporters of the ATD Quart Monde (Let’s Act for Dignity), we have logically reached to an agreement with them.

And so was born 82 4000 in which we included friends such as mountaineers, professionals and amateurs with all kind of levels and practices."


Millet avec l'Association 82 4000


A simple concept:

82 4000 organizes high mountain discovery trips with underprivileged people; We’re hoping to inspire new passions to some of them. In order to spread the word about our association, the mountaineers team took a bold bet: Achieve the ascension of 82 summits above 4000m in the Alps. Many mountaineers share this dream, so do we. Each ascent is an opportunity for us to collect funds in order to finance our expeditions with underprivileged people. This is also the origin of the association’s name.

We started without any financial resources so we are truly thankful to all of our partners who trusted us from day one even with our minimal experience and lack of hindsight.

 We could write a book about each one of these expeditions.


Various sports:

   - Winter expeditions : Cross country skiing, alpine skiing, ice cascade, rock climbing
   - Summer expeditions : Rock climbing, via ferrata, hiking to mountain refuge, glacier mountaineering, mountain bike (exceptionally rafting, fishing).

Mountain discovery:

   - Meeting the shepherds, refuge keepers, elders of the village, athletes, visiting farms, visiting farmers, mountain museums, fauna & flora.

Many participants have experienced their first contact with the mountain and some have never left their neighborhood. They tend to feel a strong apprehension that we all feel when at the bottom of this natural power that mountains are. We are all equal and we share this notion right from the beginning with everyone. Trust is possible and this is something new for some. Trust is established with guides. They are reassuring, explaining in order to create group cohesion and even a growing pride. For some, it is the first time that they are regarded with respect by strangers and they will even build friendships here.

The way this happens is incredible. The refuge keepers, mountaineers, professionals or amateurs are moved, touched by the trust and the credit they are given. Also the enthusiasm shared by the group is quite intense. Leaving the group at the end is hard and tears are shed almost every time. It was a flood of tears for the Cardon family from Pontoise. Some precious friendships have been developed and there is no social boundary that can’t be crossed, according to the participants.

Millet avec l'Association 82 4000


“Never in my entire life I thought I’d do something like that, word!”


“We’ve gone through every possible emotion this week: joy, amazement, fear, effervescence, anxiety, serenity, sadness… We’re discovering things, we’re gaining trust in each other, we’re helping each other…”


“When you do all this for the first time, you don’t feel collected and confident, you think of everything that might happen! It’s pretty difficult to overcome your fears for the first time.”


“I was treated like a Sir at the refuge, I didn’t know what to do.”

“To start with, the gear we had it was crazy! What is that thing here… First, when we went to get the gear I didn’t feel so good, I thought we’re going for something nuts. We were all roped up together, so we were like, relying on each other, and friendships have been created, there was a huge mutual aid which, I think, made the end of the trip much cooler because we were tied together, we didn’t have the choice. We had to listen to each other, make compromises, agree. This isn’t like, you’re annoying so I’ll just push you off the cliff… This is something crazy… If one day someone told me I was going to walk on a glacier, I think I’d never have bought it, that’s something I couldn’t have done on my own.”

“Scenery is crazy, this is something you only see on TV usually! When you hear mountaineers on peaks... And this time it was us.”

“If I can climb a glacier, a job interview isn’t going to be a problem! And I did it, I got a permanent contract ! I wasn’t scared at all during the interview. I told myself: You got up on this glacier, you’ve been climbing, so this job interview is nothing next to this, just relax and go for it. You feel a lot more confident and you end up achieving things you never thought possible.”


Hugues, the whole 82-4000 team and all ATD volunteers.