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The Life of Simon Bellabouvier Part II

Simon Bellabouvier is a new Millet athlete. A particular feature about this regular medal-winner, he is quite young but has nothing to envy to his rivals. If you’ve always wanted to discover the lifestyle of a growing athlete, who has everything to gain, you can read here a sum up of Simon’s season. Our youngest athlete tells.

After I’ve fully recovered, the World Cup continued at the end of February with a stage in the heart of the Dolomites (Val Martelo). A rather hard Individual with not-so-crazy sensations but in the end, I did well in the Sprint while scoring a 3rd place!


We have discovered a wild Italy that has kept its original alpine identity.


Finally, the next race was the Pierra Menta ! Since the beginning of the season, every one of us racers, think about it. Above all this year was the 30th edition!! Some longer stages with more vertical meters for the Juniors, in the heart of the Beaufortain. Truly delightful when an anticyclone has roamed over the entire country for a week…

Juniors have raced on Friday and Saturday: near Roche Parstire and Roselend dam on Friday and near Grand Mont on Saturday.



Lots of people attending, great atmosphere, greater sceneries and a top notch teammate. Also, an awesome party for the 30th, a beautiful 5th place, THE Pierra Menta!!


A few days off to recover from these two stages and from the party was necessary so I could finish the season in the best possible shape. Next weekend, I manage to score a 2nd place in the France Individuals championships in Doucy, behind an incredible Swann Juillaguet. Then came the last stage of the Wolrds in Prato Nevoso, Italy. These 3 days of racing will include a Vertical, an Individual and a Sprint. On Friday, I’ve achieved a nice Sprint, ending up 5th after I put up a good fight. The day after, I finish on a good note in Individual with a 3rd place that is well-deserved! During the sprint, I get qualified for the finals…


But I’ve lost a skin during a conversion… Which makes an eliminatory mistake when the race lasts about 3 minutes…



In the general ranking, I ended up 3rd of this World Cup ! A result that will show my versatility and my regularity this season. I’m very happy of this season and this Junior 2 World Cup because I have one year left in this category.

A last tiny little race with the Team French Championships in Arvieux, Queyras which was occurring during the Easter weekend. I scored 2nd with my wingman Antoine Zanaroli after we put up a great fight with the 3rds.



Have I already mentioned this was a long season?? Now a few figures for this season:


  • 94 740 vertical meters
  • 24 races
  • More than 20 hours of race
  • Over 500 km of downhill skiing
  • And 100 000 000 memories !

Now comes the fun, with two weeks off (which turns out to be the toughest… but well-deserved) with my family, to recover with local food among others!

Simon Bellabouvier