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Marc Pinsach and Marta Riba: the new champions!

Boí Taüll ski resort was hosting the recent Spain ski-mountaineering championships. A sunny weather for this Millet event.

Boí Taüll’s resort in the Pyrenees was the center of the Gran Prix Millet (Spain ski-mountaineering championships) on the 7th of March. This contest was organized by the Centre Excursionista de l’Alta Ribagorça and they have prepared 3 different tracks.



The competition started at 9am with a great sunny weather and almost no wind. Womens and seniors have started with track B (1500 meters of vertical gain), 10 minutes later the youngs have started on the C track (1000 vertical meters) and finally mens have closed the ballet with the A track (1700 vertical meters).


This beautiful event resulted in two new 2015 Spanish ski-mountaineering champions: Marc Pinsach and Marta Riba (from the Millet Spain team).



Men’s Seniors

  • 1. Marc Pinsach FEEC 1:34:49
  • 2. Miguel Caballero FAM 1:36:36
  • 3. Nil Cardona FEEC  1:37:36


Women’s Seniors

  • 1.Marta Riba FEEC 1:37:59      
  • 2.Marta Garcia FEEC 1:38:46
  • 3.Gemma Arró FEEC  1:41:01