Freeride Skiing

Freeride Camps with Robin Kaleta

Freeride Camps organises freeride initiation stays with technical practices, high-mountain initiation practices and safety and research avalanche practices. They offer all inclusive packs with accomodation and leisure activities in the best resorts of the Alps in Europe.



Robin Kaleta, our freeride ski Millet athlete is also a member of Freeride Camps. Today, Robin has shared a video of their best moments in Sulden, Italy. These are nice sunny images that will almost make you want to go back to February!


frcamps 2015 - Solda - family camp from robinkaleta on Vimeo.


If you want to know more about Robin Kaleta and the Freeride Camps, you can visit their website or visit their Vimeo page for more cool videos!