Where can I find Millet products?

You can find all our collection on our website, within the limits of available stock. You can also find Millet products on our retailers' stores or webstores. You can use the store locator to find your local Millet retailer.


Is it possible to order directly online for professionals and sport teams?

Yes, it is possible for mountain guides, firefighters, militaries, ski instructors and sport teams. Please contact us via the form and ask the opening of your professional account.


Is there is special price for mountain professionals?

The mountain professionals (Mountain guides, firefighters, militaries and ski instructors) enjoy 30% off the Millet catalog. To get this discount, please contact us via the form and ask the opening of your professional account.


I am looking for a specific item on millet.fr but I cannot fin dit. What could be the reason?

Some of the items can be produced for special events and not to be distributed. It also may happen that the item you are looking for is from a former collection and that it is not available anymore.



How can I subscribe to the newsletter?

Receive Millet news by filling the newsletter form.


How can I follow Millet news?


Can I get a catalog?

Millet cares about environment. In order to save paper, we do not send any catalog. All the products' informations are available on our online catalog.



How can I take care and wash my Millet garment?

There are different instructions depending on the product. Read all our recommendations in the Care section.


How can I take care of my Millet boots?

Please use adapted cleaning products. Do not put your shoes in the washing machine. Read all our recommendations in the Care section.


What crampons are recommended for Millet boots?

All the crampons’ brands can be utilized. The type of crampons that must be used depends on the specifications of the shoes:

  • No notch on the boot : Strap (if your shoes are stiff enough to use crampons)
  • One notch on the front : Semi-automatic
  • Two notches (on the front and the heel) : Automatic


How can I resole my shoes / boots?

Please contact any qualified shoemaker. It is conceivable to resole all the shoes / boots except the Fast Hiking range.


How can I restore waterproof qualities of my jacket?

Most of the time, the store where you purchased your jacket will be able to provide you the essentials to restore your jacket repellency. You can find more informations on the GORE-TEX website.


What is the guarantee for Millet items?

The Millet guarantee is a two year cover for all the items. It understands all the manufacturing flaws or the anomalous wear and tear of the product, which is determined by after sales service. It does not understand theft, damage, and normal wear and tear of the product.


How do I return an item?

You bought your item in a retailer shop (regular or online), please directly deal with your retailer. You will need to provide the proof of your purchase.


Is it possible to fix my Gore-Tex membrane?

The membrane must be assessed by the after sales service in order to determinate if a repair is possible.
For very small perforations, you may use a specific Gore-Tex fixing kit, ready to use. All you need to know is available here.



What is the smallest / largest size?

All the information you need are available in the size guide.


How can I know the size that will fit me the best?

All the information about sizing are available in the sizing guide.
For the specific case of climbing shoes, we advise you to choose them at your normal shoe size.



What is the Millet Expedition Project (MXP)?

Since 2007, Millet helps people to realize their expedition dreams through the Millet Expedition Project. The support and funds provided by Millet and partners are dedicated to individual or collective initiatives linked to sport, mountain and adventure. Find the information you need about the previous expeditions, the process of application, and the next expeditions to leave, on Millet-expedition-project.com .


We would like to apply for the MXP, how do we have to proceed?

You can apply on the Millet Expedition Project website.



How can I contact Millet?

Do not hesitate to send message to us via the Contact page.


How can I apply for a job at Millet?

Please read our Job offers and submit your application via the Contact page.


You are a climber, mountaineer or skier and you would like to be sponsored by Millet ?

If you are seeking a sponsorship for a project, you can send us a Millet Expedition Project application file, so we can study it with a special attention.
If it is about a long-term contract, please send us a message via the Contact page.



How can I get stickers from Millet?
You just have to ask us via the Contact page.