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Gore-Tex high cut shoes - red GREPON 4S GTX


Regular Price: €369.99

Special Price €295.99

  • Protective
  • Insulative
  • Semi-Cramponable
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Gore-Tex high cut shoes - red GREPON 4S GTX

Regular Price: €369.99

Special Price €295.99

3-season technical mountaineering boot. Protective, precise, lightweight, and warm. Made in Italy. The official boot of the Chamonix Guides Company. The official choice of the Chamonix Guides Company for their 3-season mountaineering performance, these technical boots in GORE-TEX®® DURATHERM® offer all the protection and precision demanded in the high mountains. With a membrane directly bonded onto hollow fibers, the GREPON 4S GTX is 100% waterproof, breathable and withstand the cold very well, providing the insulation needed below zero. At ease on ice and large rocks, they meet the challenge of vertical ascents with their stiff build, which gives the feet maximum support when front-pointing, with optimal lightness. The Vibram® MULAZ EVO outsole is precise, high-traction and lightweight, with a slim toebox. The side AFC™ structure, the fruit of lengthy MILLET expertise, offers ideal heel hold and increases toebox feel. Hybrid crampon compatible, easy to handle, and high-quality Italian manufacturing.
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  • adherence
  • heat
  • lightness
  • stability
Technical information
  • Made in Europe
    Made in Europe

    This label guarantees that your product is designed at our French HQ and manufactured in Europe.


    The Vibram® brand is a benchmark for the levels of traction and durability its outsole. We use several Vibram® outsoles which are fully suited to our mountaineering, alpine trek and climbing models.


  • High-cut upper, structure in synthetic components AFC™ system
  • Vibram® lightweight precise mountaineering sole
  • Dual density EVA sole
  • GORE-TEX® Duratherm insulating waterproof breathable membrane Heat regulation -10°C (extreme temperature laboratory tested)
  • Ankle lacing with automatic lock
  • Soft flex ankle in Lycra®
  • Compatible with semi-automatic crampons
  • PU/EVA midsole



    • 750 g


    • Mountaineering
    • Trek

    Product reference

    • MIG1311_2893

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    9 27.5 43 1/3 10 11
    9.5 28 44 10.5 11.5
    10 28.5 44 2/3 11 12
    10.5 29 45 1/3 11.5 12.5
    11 29.4 46 12 13
    11.5 29.9 46 2/3 12.5 13.5
    12 30.4 47 1/3 13 14
    12.5 30.9 48 13.5 14.5