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backpacks - khaki HANANG 50


Regular Price: €199.99

Special Price €159.99

  • Comfortable
  • stable
  • breathable back
  • Noir
  • Kaki
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backpacks - khaki HANANG 50

Regular Price: €199.99

Special Price €159.99

Very comfortable and incredibly well organised, simplifying the travellers’ experience, the HANANG 45 trekking backpack has a very comfortable back structure, which maximises its carrying ergonomics. The HANANG 50 trekking backpack adjusts perfectly, due to its ergonomic straps, load adjustments and large padded carrying belt. Its breathable back structure optimises your wellbeing when the weather gets warmer, while the watertight organised layout simplifies your trips. Grab hold of your poles, bottle or maps directly, thanks to the numerous easyaccess storage spaces. When raining, quickly retrieve your jacket by way of a suitcasestyle opening and adapt the waterproof rain cover over your bag to protect your things. Enhance your comfort when travelling or hiking, with the HANANG 50 trekking backpack.
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  • functionality
  • robustness
  • ventilated
  • versatility
Technical information
  • MIL-Accès valise zippé
    MIL-Accès valise zippé
  • MIL-Alpine trek adjustable back
    MIL-Alpine trek adjustable back
  • MIL-Quick Axe
    MIL-Quick Axe
  • MIL-Rain Cover
    MIL-Rain Cover
  • MIL-Speed Poles loops
    MIL-Speed Poles loops


  • Trekking volume. 2-buckle flap
  • Zipped suitcase-style opening/front compartment + 1 zipped pocket + gear holder
  • Stretch side pocket + 1 zipped pocket
  • Front carry handle
  • Foldable ice axe holder/Speed Poles™/side compression straps/bottom straps
  • Flap with 2 zipped pockets + key ring + gear holder + rain cover
  • Ergonomic straps load adjuster straps sternum strap hand rest straps. Large carrying belt + 1 zipped pocket + 1 extendable zipped pocket


  • N 300D TWIN CHIP ROBIC // Composition: \\ Performances: //
  • N 210D DYNAJIN HT // Composition: \\ Performances: //
  • P 600D OXFORD // Composition: \\ Performances: //
  • N 210D 113T // Composition: \\ Performances: //
  • Dimensions

    • Back height : cm


    • 1920g


    • Hiking
    • Trek

    Product reference

    • MIS2198_8786

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    • Drying should be done naturally.



    • Millet backpacks should be washed in water and by hand using a soft brush or a sponge.
    • Above all, never put your backpack into either a washing machine or a dryer.
    • Drying should be done in the open air.



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    • This is the case particularly for the following materials: Gore-Tex, Polartec Neoshell, Dryedge, Windstopper, Element Shield
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    • It is possible to use a specific product to re-waterproof your product or to give it back water repellency.