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Women's low cut shoes - black HIKE UP W

  • Breathable
  • versatile and excellent grip
  • Noir
  • Gris
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Women's low cut shoes - black HIKE UP W
With a womens-specific last, the light and breathable new Hike Up is for moving fast on the hiking trails. It is both supple and has good abrasion resistance, with a midsole that offers the right balance of stability and flexibility. The Vibram® FELL RUNNING outsole provides excellent traction. To avoid suffering the heat when climbing the tracks in the hot sun, you need light and breathable hiking shoes. The HIKE UP W can cope with the situation, offering stability through their Vibram® FELL RUNNING sole as well as comfort from a shape specifically geared towards women. With your feet well supported by its precise lacing system, you can rush down the slopes without fearing for these robust trekking shoes, reinforced by a toe guard at the front. Feel confident and trek for longer, with the modern HIKE UP W hiking shoes for women.
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  • adherence
  • lightness
  • protection
  • stability
  • ventilated
Technical information
  • MIL-Vibram


  • Women's-specific last to maximise fit comfort
  • Supportive midsole with medium flex for a blance of comfort and stability
  • Midsole shank (high-density plastic) adds stability for uneven terrain
  • Breathable and supple engineered mesh upper
  • Light but protective moulded PU toe guard
  • Durable high-traction Vibram® outsole


  • Engineered Mesh
  • Outsole Vibram® FELL RUNNING
  • EVA Midsole
  • Dimensions

    • Back height : cm


    • 240g


    • Hiking

    Product reference

    • MIG1811_0247

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    • Drying should be done naturally.



    • Millet backpacks should be washed in water and by hand using a soft brush or a sponge.
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    • Store your rope in a dry place, out of the reach of the sun.



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    • Drying may be done flat in the open air, turning over the product regularly to dry it well, or in a tumble dryer on a delicate program.



    • Millet clothing must be machine washed at 30°C, and machine dried using a low-temperature program.  To guarantee optimal washing without degrading the product, close up all velcro closures, snap fastenings and zippers, and loosen elastic drawstrings before putting clothing in the machine.



    • This is the case particularly for the following materials: Gore-Tex, Polartec Neoshell, Dryedge, Windstopper, Element Shield
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    • It is possible to use a specific product to re-waterproof your product or to give it back water repellency.


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