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A daily commitment

For more than 80 years, Millet has been dedicated to designing ever more technical and efficient products to support mountain athletes in their adventures.

Rise Up. Constantly push for progress and stretch our limits. These mantras have guided our approach since day one. And this philosophy is reflected in our performance-driven innovation, but also at every stage of analyzing and improving our impact on our products’ life cycle. This approach also has a core human dimension: our objectives and progress are only achievable thanks to our people and the playgrounds that surround us. We are responsible for them, everywhere and all the time. From Fontainebleau forest to the summit of Everest. With a Nepalese sherpa or an indoor climber.

Since forever, we have been committed to doing our utmost to reduce our environmental impact, protect nature, and support local communities with ties to our world. We want to be a sustainable enterprise – and that is a long and progressive expedition. Join our rope team and learn about our commitments.


  • Label Low Impact
  • Our production chain
  • Care and durability
  • Water repellent finishese
  • Our feathers and downs


  • 82-4000 association
  • Swiss Sherpa Foundation