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Every trip, expedition, route and trek is an adventure we prepare for precisely.
Whatever your degree of dedication to your activity, it’s vital to take great care when choosing your kit. At Millet, we want to be sure you take what you need to realize your dream, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned expert in your discipline. Having the Right Stuff means you can be sure that everything you take with you will be useful and effective when needed: the right-sized bag with the right carry system, the right thermal insulation, a protective jacket and pants that fit perfectly, and shoes designed for each of your mountain adventures.
Our athletes and ambassadors, who test daily the products we make, push us to keep raising our standards and performance but also to think of even the slightest details, to further refine products designed for extreme conditions of use while remaining highly convenient.

The Right Stuff gives you the reassurance of enjoying what you do 100%, because you are sure you’ve chosen the right equipment.
Explore our different activities and find your « RIGHT STUFF », the right equipment that will fit to your needs and then get ready to live your adventures to the max !


The acme of our know-how

The products in the TRILOGY collection are the acme of Millet brand know-how.

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Vertical expertise

Our answer to athletic and technical commitment in the vertical realm.

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Hiking Trekking


Comfort across all terrain

Versatile products in the quest for absolute comfort.

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Trail running

Less is more

The perfect combination of innovative technologies and performing fabrics.

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Trail Running


Defy gravity.

A complete product range 100% dedicated to modern climbing in every which way

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