Black mountaineering shoes TRIDENT WINTER

  • Protective, insulated and comfortable
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Description of TRIDENT WINTER

Designed to cope with winter cold, this alpine approach shoe provides warmth and comfort when walking. Withstanding temperatures down to -10°C, it doesn't fear water or snow, being fully protected by a waterproof membrane, PRIMALOFT® insulation and snow gaiter. In use, its tight fit is appreciably light and precise, with a cushioning and stabilizing heel that's particularly effective when you have a load on your back. The VIBRAM® outsole delivers strong traction, with semi-rigid flex that's ideal for snowshoe hikes. It is also well reinforced, efficiently protecting the foot from knocks.


  • Alpinism
  • Approach
  • Hiking
  • Trekking


  • High-cut composite upper, isothermal to -10°C
  • Precise fit, semi-rigid flex, snowshoe compatible
  • Waterproof, breathable membrane. Thermal insulation all around the foot
  • Anti snow stretch gaiter
  • Ankle-bone protection. Precise foothold. Heel tightener
  • High cushioning heel stabilizer
  • Thermomoulded reinforcements on toe and heel
  • Precise, grippy approach Vibram outsole with winter compound.


  • Dryedge® membrane
  • 3D MESH
  • KPU overlays
  • Primaloft® insulation
  • EVA dual density midsole
  • Outsole Vibram® TETON


  • 620 gr


  • MIG1310_0247

Millet products are not just designed to last, they are also easy to maintain.  Careful use and regular upkeep will guarantee the best results out of your products and will extend their life.


In case of doubt, always refer to the instructions written on the label of your product.



  • Millet shoes should be washed in water and by hand using a soft brush or a sponge.
  • Above all, never put your shoes into either a washing machine or a dryer.
  • Drying should be done naturally.



  • Millet backpacks should be washed in water and by hand using a soft brush or a sponge.
  • Above all, never put your backpack into either a washing machine or a dryer.
  • Drying should be done in the open air.



  • Caring for a rope is critical in order to guarantee optimal safety when it is used.
  • To wash a rope, it is necessary to use clean, warm water (temperature less than 30°C) and a non-aggressive detergent (such as a liquid Marseille soap-type detergent or a detergent for delicate textiles).  If necessary, brush it with a soft brush.
  • Drying should be done in the shade and away from any source of heat.
  • Store your rope in a dry place, out of the reach of the sun.



  • Air out your Millet sleeping bag regularly to give it back a bit of freshness and to make sure the bag is completely dry before storing it away.
  • For sleeping bags that do not contain down, general washing and drying instructions apply.
  • For sleeping bags that do contain down, please see the section “Products Containing Down,” below.



  • When dealing with products containing down (100% or hybrid), machine washing is done using a delicate program with a special down detergent or a non-aggressive detergent, along with tennis balls placed in the wash to prevent the down from sticking together.  If there is too much detergent left over, run the rinsing program again by itself.  Do not put the product through the washing machine's spin cycle.
  • Drying may be done flat in the open air, turning over the product regularly to dry it well, or in a tumble dryer on a delicate program.



  • Millet clothing must be machine washed at 30°C, and machine dried using a low-temperature program.  To guarantee optimal washing without degrading the product, close up all velcro closures, snap fastenings and zippers, and loosen elastic drawstrings before putting clothing in the machine.



  • This is the case particularly for the following materials: Gore-Tex, Polartec Neoshell, Dryedge, Windstopper, Element Shield
  • After closing the velcro fastenings, zippers and snap fastenings, wash your product at 30°C with a bit of non-aggressive detergent or a special detergent for waterproof materials.  If there is too much detergent left over, run a rinsing program again by itself.  Drying should be done in the open air or in a tumble dryer at low temperature.
  • It is possible to use a specific product to re-waterproof your product or to give it back water repellency.


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2 reviews


FR 1.7.2018
J'ai choisi les Millet Trident Winter pour l'accompagnement montagne en raquettes à neige (je suis accompagnateur en montagne). Après deux semaines de sorties, les chaussures font bonne impression. Mis à part dans la neige humide où elles ont tendance à absorber l'eau. Une nuit ne suffit pas pour qu'elles sèchent, elles sont humides le lendemain matin... Peut être revoir la membrane ? Le primaloft permet de protéger les pieds du froid et c'est une bonne chose !
Me satisferont-elles avec un usage au quotidien ? Seul le temps me le dira !
FR 12.2.2017
Pas encore utilisé,mais cela semble très bien.
  • Alpinism
  •     Dryedge

    The DRYEDGE™ membrane ensure waterproof and breathable performance. It is used in a variety of products and is perfect for high intensity activities, as it enhances protection and comfort. All DRYEDGE™ products' seams are heat-sealed.

  •     Enrobage caoutchouc

    Rubber structure ensures protection in your activity's environment, rocks for example, and will extend the lifetime of your shoes, so needed in your trekking adventures.

  •     Integrated gaiters

    Integrated boot gaiters with elastic adjustment.

  •     Primaloft

    High quality thermal pieces deliver efficiency using Primaloft® insulation. Primaloft® is a lightweight and water resistant, breathable material that will keep you warm and dry, even in the foulest weather.

  •     Semi-rigid Flex
    Semi-rigid Flex

    Mountaineering shoe. Precise distribution of the foot support enhances front grip and alpine approach.