water repellent

Fluor hunting ( pfc )

Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finishes, which enhance fabrics’ resistance to water and stains, extend the life of your technical apparel.

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In 2012, as part of its Detox campaign, Greenpeace alerted the outdoor industry and the general public to the fact that these finishes contain far too many substances that harm the environment and health – especially fluorine (in PFCs), which is then released into the wild.

It is therefore urgent to give up fluorinated chemicals and develop alternative substances. This technological challenge needs all stakeholders to work together. Millet is helping drive this change.

Since 2017, we use PFC free solutions that are as efficient as current finishes containing PFC, but which have a far lower impact on health and the environment.

Today, 81% of our products use PFC Free water-repellent finishes